Bridal Magic

Em HiRes-8356Being chosen to capture Bridal Images is such an honor. With great honor comes great responsibility. Bridal Portraits last a lifetime and are passed down for generations. Bridals represent a tradition and right of passage that captures a moment in time just prior to the melding of two lives into one.Em HiRes-8433

The Bride and the mother of the Bride never forget that feeling of anticipation and pride. One look at Bridal Portraits two years out or forty-five years down the road instantly transports the viewer back to the experience of the day the images were captured. All those wonderful feelings come bubbling back to the surface.

Brides become moms and daughters want to know what their moms were like when they were young and just beginning a new life.Em HiRes-8386

Bridals are visual testaments to fairy-tale stories that Brides harbor from childhood. Em HiRes-8195

I was honored to capture Em’s Bridal images. If she looks familiar to Roan Gallery fans it is because she has been a client since she was in High School and has modeled and assisted on many Roan Gallery photo shoots! Em HiRes-8273She grew up, went to college and then got married. She has a classy, edgy and timeless look about her. Just as stunning on the inside as she is when modeling. They broke the mold when she came along! My prayer for Emily is that one day when she has a daughter, she can pull out these images to show and remember the times and feelings this truly magic day held.Em HiRes-8333Em HiRes-8488

Check out The Roan Gallery’s new website at for many more iconic bridals images.

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Keeper’s Eyes

Keeper’s Eyes

I’ve heard that our eyes are the windows of our souls. Certainly that is true for Cassidy. She has the eyes of a keeper. Intense, sharp, bright, focused and piercing.   Her eyes clearly show the intensity, drive, determination and work ethic, which earned her a scholarship to TWU as a goalie. With the same zeal, she projects compassion to her fellow man making her a blessing to all those she encounters. Cleburne High School is certainly a better place because she graduated from there.

Cleburne State Park

It was an honor to capture images of her and her friends back in April. On shoot day, we met before daylight at Cleburne State Park and shot a large variety of images in and around the lake.

After moving into town, we were allowed complete access to an amazing Rock Football stadium built in 1941.

75 Year Old Stadium Still In Use!

75 Year Old Stadium Still In Use!

Under the grand stands resembles ancient Roman ruins. Despite having issues with our smoke machine, the images came out amazing!

Roman Ruins

We ended up in historic downtown Cleburne shooting images in and around the area capturing Cassidy and her friends who arrived to participate in the final portion of the photo shoot.



As we finished up in the alley, the heavens opened up and we ran for the cover of a back doorway overhang to keep ourselves and the equipment from getting wet.

Cassidy is an amazing model!

Cassidy is an amazing model!

Cleburne Back Alley Before The Downpour

Cleburne Back Alley Before The Downpour

Still after capturing and editing all the amazing images taken of Cassidy, I cannot get over those eyes… her keeper’s eyes.

To see many more Iconic Senior Images, head over to Comments and Questions always welcome.

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#Becoming Burnett I & II

I    The Photo Shoot


Dramatic B&W

Brittney was recently married and before her wedding she asked me to create some Iconic Bridal Images for her to display on her big day and give to family members.

Brittney’s Bridal Shoot took place on a windy overcast Saturday amidst “tours” of White Rock Lake’s famed Filter Building.   I was able by some supernatural blessing to secure a reduced two-hour rental rate for the building if we worked around the Saturday afternoon tours of the building.


All Smiles 🙂

The entire time we shot, wedding coordinators and their clients paraded through the building. I will say that they were all respectful enough not to obscure our field of view. After I moved all the tables and chairs, we took full advantage of the entire two hours indoors to capture images highlighting the elegant beauty of Brittney and her dress juxtaposed against the rough texture filled walls and floors.

Brittney BTS-6280

Had to remove all tables & chairs before shooting



We then moved outdoors and used the stoic industrial look of the brick to create yet another beautiful clash of softness and harshness.


Outside Filter Building

Then to add even more value to the location we only had to switch the bride and the camera positions to place Brittney against the natural wonder of DFW’s most treasured body of water.


White Rock Lake

Brittney is unsurprisingly an outdoorsy kind of woman and the lakeside images are a testament to this fact.   To finish out her iconic photo shoot, Brittney wanted to visit a local coffee shop where we were lucky enough to capture the caffeinated side of her life as well! The shop was abuzz with activity on this Saturday afternoon so her arrival in a wedding gown certainly brought its share of ooos, ahhhhs and stares.


Hounds Tooth Coffee Shop

Management gave us the green light to shoot and we all ordered coffee and I shot images of Brittney in her real natural environment (wink wink).

To see more Iconic Images of Texans and Texas, click on over to

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II    Bonus Material – Our Brittney Backstory:

Our local Church leadership was in the midst of transition after having been served faithfully by the same pastor and worship leader for almost 30 years. Change is hard and many if not most of our core group of friends moved on to other congregations. My wife and I were anxious about whether or not to stay put and see what God would do with us or move on to find out the same thing.   We continued to attend regularly but realistically were starving spiritually and socially as the Church was defiantly a place we found refuge through worship and fellowship. It seemed for a long stretch that we were not connecting on either front.


Outside Filter Building

Then one insignificant Sunday our new pastor announced he had hired a young college graduate with exceptional creative ability and design skills to start a communications department in the church office.   Everyone was invited up to meet the young lady after service. I don’t usually do this as the new person certainly can’t remember hundreds of people who come up, but we walked up, introduced ourselves along with all the other folks. Then thinking about future needs of my own small business, I asked her if she knew how to design websites? Little did we know at the time how truly significant this small thread would prove to be for the condition of our hearts spiritually and socially.

Time went by and this young lady became close to these two empty nesters. Dinners and website design sessions for my new photo endeavor became frequent. We even worked together on several photo shoots as she is an exceptional photographer.  As the communications department at Church ramped up, it was clear that small home groups were an enormous priority from leadership. My wife and I had never been involved in a home group and were not looking to join one, which seemed to be made up mostly of young people and couples with children. We were still trying to stay connected with friends our age who had successfully integrated into new congregations.   Then another pivotal occurrence happened. Brittney invited us to her small group with the new worship pastor and several other young families. Under our protests we relented for one visit… which turned into one more visit…. which turned into one more visit and so on…


Brittney & The Crew

What happened next is nothing short of miraculous. The Spirit drew us in close to everyone in the group.   My wife and I grew spiritually as our focus shifted from ourselves to engaging with and serving others. This in turn fed our need to connect through fellowship with other believers.   We have become closer to each other, closer to other church families than we ever thought possible and feel more engaged with our Creator than at any time in our 27 years of marriage!


Standing on the wall

Not sure where this journey will take us, but for now we are in awe of how God could change the course of our lives by a meeting a young designer who took our lives by storm!   We love you Brittney Burnett and thank God for bringing you to our town, congregation and to our family! PS, we love Austin too!


Window Light

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Love is patient and kind…

Morning MistI think one measure of a man is his emulation of Christ to those around him. Love for others above self. Lift up others while suppressing self-ego. Grace. Compassion. Forgiveness. I Corinthians 13:4

This is the story of such a man. A man who is a Believer but seldom attends church service and yet exemplifies the very traits that the “attenders” rarely even understand. As I’ve grown older I have slowly come to see this man as a living example of Grace right before my eyes.

His whole life he was surrounded by Believers who consistently spread the gospel of what we were against (of which I am one). I cannot even recall one time where he ever told me anything he was against. He had no problem saying what he was for, but never against. What I once wrongly thought was his indifference was actually compassion.

His childhood like so many others was broken by the sting of divorce. His father left him, his sister and mother back in a time when such actions would shun both the one who left as well as the ones left behind. Raised by grandparents and single working mother there was seldom a time when the church building doors were open that he was not present.

His father remarried and had another family. His mother never married again. Others never found a way to move past the hurt his father caused the family left behind. This is not a story of the broken left behind, but a story of grace and compassion, which moves past all emotional pain and scars.

This man grew up had a family of his own, which I have been blessed to be a part of for almost 30 years. No matter what transpired so many years before, he was intentional about his wife and daughters having a relationship with his father and his father’s whole other family even though he did not have that relationship growing up.  That means that a relationship with someone who hurt him was more important than the feelings of sadness or abandonment he may have harbored deep inside from childhood.   From all the time I spent in the company of this mixed family dynamic it is clear that there was not even a hint of ill will between son and father. Only recently have I come to understand what made this so significant.   It is the grace, forgiveness and unconditional love which we are all called to give and share as Christ gives and shares with us, that makes this man so special.

All those years, the two Christmas gatherings, the multiple birthday celebrations, the many anniversaries, the funerals, the weddings… He consistently showed his family, all his extended family and friends what it means to reconcile a heart. I guess the fact that I think this is so incredibly amazing means that I still probably don’t get it myself. He would humbly say this is no big deal, but I would offer a different interpretation.   I don’t want to downplay his wife’s role in all this, which is truly significant, but today’s story is about a son intentionally leading his family with humility, grace and compassion to a place where bitterness, resentment and pain do not exist.

Thank you Barry for being such an amazing example of a First Corinthians 13 and being the best Father-in-Law on the planet.  Much Love and Respect, Travis

1st Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

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Mariah Sunshine

Mariah HiRes-4060

VW Love Bug

I’ve been fortunate to have had all kinds of clients over the years. Most people can be described with an adjective such as beautiful, intense, relaxed, photogenic, happy, moody, tall, athletic, musical, funny etc. You know when you think of a person, you think of that adjective or a grouping of adjectives to best describe them. But Mariah is the first client that I would use a noun to describe. When I think of Mariah the first word that comes to mind is SUNSHINE!

Mariah HiRes-3979

Rainy Days

Mariah = Sunshine… there I’ve said it. I don’t know why exactly. It’s one of those things you can’t quite put your finger on.

Mariah HiRes-3641

Eyes Say It All

I was recently visiting local coffee shop and ran into a teacher from the High School.  My kids attended the High School and so we were discussing students and teachers we knew in common.  I asked if she knew Mariah and her face lit up with unrestrained enthusiasm proclaiming, “Yes!  she is just a ray of sunshine”. I had actually written most of this blog post before I ever met the nice teacher in the coffee shop.

Mariah HiRes xtra-4017

Paint Booth

Mariah wanted a variety of images because she has such diverse tastes, interests and personality. It was rainy, overcast, dark and gloomy the day of her photo shoot. We even intentionally took some serious and intense feeling images of her, but the whole time I only saw sunshine.  Did I mention what a phenomenal athlete she is?  She is attending college on a soccer scholarship as well!

Mariah HiRes xtra-3484bw


She just shines no matter what her circumstances. She plans to study nursing at college and there is no doubt she will fill the lives of her patients with sunshine. I just keep thinking of how there are people out there right now who have no idea that a burst of sunshine will walk into their lives one day and they will be better for it.

Laughing Willow Fashion-3839

After The Rain

I’m humble, honored and blessed that Mariah allowed me to capture some Iconic Senior Images to represent this transitional time in her life.

Mariah HiRes-3385

Predawn Image

To see more Iconic Senior Images and find out how to book your own Iconic Photo Shoot, click the link below to access The Roan Gallery Website.


Many Blessing,


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Homecoming Queen

Homecoming Queen

Homecoming Queen

Talk about being the All Around American High School Student, Carly is all that and then some! I was so fortunate to be able to photograph this Homecoming Queen Student Athlete in 2014. I photographed Carly’s sister Courtney as a Senior back in 2010.   When their mother asked me if I’d capture some iconic images of Carly I jumped at the chance.   In High School, Carly was the kicker for the football team and played as a starter on Varsity Soccer all 4 years.



She was an honor student and the Homecoming Queen to boot! She is the real deal and signed to play Division I Soccer for Mississippi State. Besides her ability to excel in school and sports, Carly is one of the most humble and kind human beings you will ever met.



Carly’s mother put the wheels in motion for us to shoot images at a famous downtown Dallas hotel rooftop swimming pool… a venue fit for a Queen! We arrived before daylight to shoot images throughout the hotel common areas while quests slept unaware.

The Crown

The Crown

Although the day was cold and overcast, we still shot pictures on the rooftop around the pool with a mysterious mist and haze shrouding the downtown Dallas skyline. We were all exhausted by 10:00AM and went home to go to bed.

Dallas Rooftop Skyline

Dallas Rooftop Skyline

We shot the next set of images a few weeks later in Red Oak and around the streets and alleys of historic downtown Waxahachie. Finally, Carly’s favorite color is purple so I painted a wicker chair deep purple and placed it in a field of purple thistles at sunset. Although Carly, my assistant and I were in pain from the sharp thorny stickers, the images were worth all the effort!

Purple Explosion

Purple Explosion

I am honored to know Carly and her family and I pray the iconic images we captured for her will bring joy to their whole family for a lifetime!

To see more images of Carly, visit website and view her gallery!

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Triple Action Photography



Photographing Seniors has presented some amazing new ideas and opportunities over the years. None of the calls received however excited me as much as the chance to photograph Iconic Senior Images of triplets! When I think of triplets, images of cute babies or toddlers all dressed in the same clothes and looking alike come to mind. These guys blew that misconception out of the water!

The Engineer

The Business Man


Ford Man

Ford Man

They all look different, talk different, think different, act different and have different interests! Although we had one consultation meeting it became evident that there were no economies of scale for these young men and we would have to create an Iconic photo shoot for each one!

Running Man

Running Man



Each of these young men is strong in his faith and as such God is guiding each of them down their own unique path. One is attending an out of state college on an athletic scholarship. One is studying Business & Economics at Texas A&M and one just completed the grueling training of firefighter’s school.



Student of The Word

Student of The Word

Working with these young men turned out to be the highlight of last year’s Senior season! Here are a few images of each one. If you want to see the entire collection, hop over to and see all their images.



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